About Narea Kim

House of Sakina was founded and created by Narea, a leading global psychic, specializing in helping clients align with their purpose through connection with mind, body, and spirit. The idea for the sprays arrived in a dream, as her projects often do, and the name Sakina, derived from the Arabic word Sakun, meaning tranquility, peace and serenity. 

A native New Yorker, Narea has received psychic messages for as long as she can remember. Born to Greek and Italian biological parents who were also known clairvoyants in their community, as a child, Narea was known for her healing tendencies. Over the years, she has refined this gift, now clearly her destined life’s work. 

After several intuitive dreams in 1999, prior to the 911 tragedy, Narea relocated to Los Angeles and has since developed a roster of high profile and celebrity clients from well-known actors, Hollywood socialites, musicians, producers, even studio executives. 

Narea describes herself as a channel for the divine, the purest form of authentic expression. She then works with others to remove their blocks to open up to their own divinity and find their life’s creative purpose. 

Her abilities are grounded in a love for fashion, the arts and a sense for the mysteries of life. She draws on these loves, to cultivate an enhanced connection to the divine. Drawing on years of training in healing, her mission is to inspire, empower, and uncover the true essence of her client's gifts. 

Even before it became mainstream, Narea was among the early leaders and influencers in the modern mystic arts. Her natural ability to combine psychic accuracy with a deep understanding of wellness makes her services unique. Because of this gift, Narea is able to access a form of guidance and information that is invaluable to those who choose to partake in her offerings. 

Her new Sakina Energy Sprays are an extension of this spiritual life work representing physical products that reflect her recipes for love, sleeping, dreaming, beauty and more. These sprays are meant to 

The series consisting of her BRING IN THE LOVE, SLEEP & DREAM, GOOD KARMA DAY or the entire TRINITY SET are meant to bring wellness and a sense of relaxation to the chaos of everyday life. Narea invites you to experience this spirit of tranquility ~Hydrate your soul