The Goal of Aromatherapy is to provide holistic therapy in such a manner that the body cannot be separated from the mind, soul & spirit. Sakina is the Spirit of Tranquility for whatever the day may bring. Sakina is a little bottle of magic for a quick refresh of our spirit to illuminate & elevate. Sakina is made of the highest quality essential oils. These sprays are to promote healing wellness and spiritual balance. Sakina products have their own distinct scents personality & benefits.

We all need support in helping us make it through our daily routine. We are challenged in our lives to meet commitments whether personal or business. Sakina leaves you calm, refreshed and revitalized. These remedies restore, replenish and Rejuvinate within minutes of spraying. Designed for daily use these products can be carried in your bags to help bring balance and wellness into one’s energetic health and aids in the release of one’s stress and environmental blocks. By embracing the healing energy of aromatherapy Sakina provides positive energy, peace and bliss to your senses. Ancient Egyptians believed in beauty, magic and medicine were inseparable. Good smells indicated the presence of the sacred. Ritualistic Sprays for empowerment in your daily life.

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